Deepak Sharma started athletics when he was 16. He was always into sports, but only for recreation. His physical training teacher pointed out his hidden talent and called him for the selection of inter-school athletic meet. He gave the trials and got selected. This is how his journey of athletics started. Eventually, he participated in various competitions and won many prizes.

He represented Uttar Pradesh twice in nationals. Like everyone, he also had ups and downs. His parents never supported him and they still don’t. Not only was that, injuries too a part of his journey. Injuries are said to be best friends of sportspersons. Two major injuries almost ended his career. One was his right shoulder injury which he got while doing pull-ups. This was the reason he had to leave athletics for a year and the come back was difficult but somehow he made it. The second injury was on his knees. He got it during a football tournament which he was playing for his school team. This injury made him feel like he got old at a very young age. His knees used to pain a lot. But he decided not to give up.

The injuries made him stronger emotionally. The injuries made his career and life a bit difficult. Many people were trying to pull him down. People started talking bad behind his back. There was a point where he got tired and thought of giving up as he had no money for the conveyance and his diet. Everything seemed to be over but his passion and dedication didn’t let him give up. He decided to walk down to the stadium and continued his practice. He also started home tuition, so that he could afford his diet. He started participating in school events and won a lot of medals and certificates.

The most important achievement was his first medal in CBSE clusters in 4×100m relay race. This was the time where his actions spoke louder than his words. The people who used to talk behind his back were taken aback. Though he was thankful to those people as the negative comments pushed him to work harder and prove himself. He had put all of his energy in that race and gave his best 100m timing and his team came second by just a small margin.

He is continuing sports and practicing harder every day. He aspires to become a professional athlete, represent India in various international level competitions and make his parents and country proud.

Despite his injuries and family problems, he kept on going with his passion and still is. His commitment and dedication is something which should be inculcated by everyone in their respective lives. He inspired a lot of his juniors to follow their heart and not worrying about what others would say. Whatever comes in the journey accept it with a smile and before giving up, think why you started the journey, this thought will never let you give up. The non-giving up attitude helps to work hard with positive energy. And the positivity helps you reach your goal cheerfully. No matter how much time you take to achieve your goal, the hard work and the journey is always worth it. People make mistakes during the journey, but they should never stop. They always learn from their missteps and try not to repeat them. Someone has rightly said- “Either you win or you learn, you never fail.” Once the goal is achieved, the happiness you will receive would be priceless!




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