The Perfect Teacher

First, the world is the perfect teacher’s classroom. He or she teaches from books, scribbles, and memory; owns knowledge but no pride; and is curious.

Second, the perfect teacher is a student. He or she tackles the lesson through a student’s lens and therefore uses practical metaphors with real examples.

Third, he or she teaches naturally, only pointing learners to resources. For this, he uses little force. He does not believe in learning through scars.

Fourth and last, the flawless teacher respects intellectual property. Therefore, he or she always improves on others’ work, creates, and feels grateful toward the world.

The World is the Perfect Teacher’s Classroom

A teacher’s belonging to a classroom is a modern stereotype. Did they not discover in basements and bathtubs and under trees? The perfect teacher belongs to the world.

In addition, the perfect teacher looks out for inspiration not to keep but to share.

Not only does he or she carry the classroom outside but also sneaks the outside into lessons. Every tale enlightens learners while snapping their focus back in place.

Trial and error empowers learning like nothing else. Therefore, the fantastic teacher sometimes sets down the marker to give students something more worthwhile. Thus, he or she ensures students try proper things, learning from his or her errors.

In short, a teacher may educate guests and entertain students, for the absence of a blackboard takes away nothing. There is no time or place to learn or teach, so there is every.

The Perfect Teacher is Also a Student

My mother takes online classes. Besides teaching nurses, she shares documents as the army requires. When I teach her things like file sharing and scanning pics, she hears as if a learner.

Following through–teachers cannot answer all queries. Often, the student hopes for an answer later. Therefore, the perfect teacher turns every stone to find the words to bless the student. Thus, he or she prompts healthy natural learning.

The perfect teacher feels shame when at a loss for words, so he or she turns pages, off duty. To grasp the idea, he or she takes to different authors’ words. Then, the perfect tutor conveys the main themes using the easiest words.

For direction, guidance, and help; the perfect mentor looks to his or her heroes: family, friends, and precedents. Even when a gully boy says interesting things, he or she listens.

Violence Means Defeat to the Perfect Teacher

The awesome teacher teaches by the way of least action. In other words, he or she knows, no number of whips account for swaying attention. Instead, one needs to earn students’ still gaze by caring and giving energy.

“I will not tell you the answer none of you guess first,” the pacifistic teacher says. Yet, he or she will make students search for an intentional error, not to disrupt the learning process.

Attaining skill is a curve. The perfect teacher must mind this for the best results, for every student. His or her effort contributes from every report card to first job to career. However, we cannot forget, this contribution has limits.

Sadly, much of the lagging world has not yet ditched the practice of beatings, which stain the teacher-student relationship. Without scars, learning can be joyful and memorable in a positive way.

The Perfect Teacher Trades in Ideas

One cannot generate ideas today without other ideas seeping in. Some are unnecessary, i.e. noise; but we need others, i.e. inspiration–fantastic original works or art.

The perfect teacher is an idea machine–he or she must be! Therefore, he or she gathers material from trusty sources. However, rules prevent copying licensed work. Besides, devoting one’s time to teaching is noble, and it strengthens teacher-student relationships.

Considering all these things, the stupendous teacher spends most of his day studying his subject. To the students’ fault, no slide gets its deserved recognition. Nevertheless, a perfect teacher knows his duty to society. Hence, he or she goes to great lengths to fulfill it.

He or she is anything but a thief. Enticing graphics and artwork appeal to him or her, but he or she, inspired, creates her own art. Thus, the teacher-student relationship strengthens further. For, without the tree’s love and labour, fruit could not nourish man, animal, bird and bee.


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