“Miracles are not about prophets walking on water, miracles are not calling for pestilence or bringing the dead alive. Miracle is meeting people who believe in you, if you believe in yourself.” Boman Irani at Josh Talks, SRCC Delhi.

I had seen this video of Boman Irani on YouTube a few years ago. It is a very inspirational video where he talks about his struggles in life and how he came out a winner. The two things that stayed with me were the ‘zero light bulb moment’ and the one quoted above.
The single parent status that came my way, due to the twist in my fate, made me come face to face with the reality that I needed to get a job and that too as soon as possible. I decided to keep my grief aside and start working on my resume. Soon enough, I got my first call from an international school, I went and met the concerned person and they expected me to give a demo lecture. Fair enough! They said that they would get in touch with me but the call never came through.
Next came another call. Here the Principal was non-committal and just wanted to meet me. Fine! I pulled myself up again to face another person hoping that something worthwhile might come my way through this meeting. I reached the destination way before time and hence had to wait in the reception area. Seated, I started looking around. Now as is my wont, the written word always attracts me first and I began reading all that was around me.
Beside the glass showcase displaying the various trophies won by the school was a big green board, mentioning the names of some students who had brought laurels to the school. As my vision moved clockwise, there was another board displaying certain notifications. Moving further I read the guidelines for the students, and parents alike. This side done, I looked to my left towards the Principal’s room and there was this poem, ‘The Optimist Creed’ by Christian D. Larson on a huge royal blue board in white.
I glanced through it once and then started reading it more leisurely, savouring each line and analyzing how much of it I practiced and the areas which still needed action. It was a sort of self-analysis exercise that I indulged in and I heard a bell go ting tong as I reached the end of the poem. Soon enough I was called inside to meet the Principal.
After the customary greetings, we got talking. The lady seated across the table was gentle, amiable, understanding, and compassionate. There was something in her manner that told me that she was a competent, no-nonsense lady and I should not be fooled by her kind disposition and not have any false hopes. Finally, the meeting came to an end and she said to me, “Shruti, you are a very strong woman. I wanted to meet you when your resume came my way. I wish I could do something for you but unfortunately, I have no vacancy at present. I will definitely remember you if we have something to offer but as of now, I can’t do anything for you.”
Another setback but not to sound disheartened I replied that I understood her position. I further added that I believed in what the poem outside her room stated that I had faith that the world was on my side even if my destiny wasn’t. I asked her if I could take a click of the poem since I wanted to share it with Shubham. She consented to it. I thanked her, wished her one more time, and left the room.
In another instance, the Principal was also out after me and herself gave me a copy of the school calendar which had the poem in it. I accepted it as a parting gift, thanked her again and left. Reaching home, I informed my parents that there was nothing to look forward to from the institution and I’ll have to try somewhere else. My parents consoled me saying something will happen and Mom gave me a slice of buttered bread. I took the first bite and my phone rang. I picked it up and there was the Secretary of the Principal asking if I could join on the following Monday, which was after two days?
This was a miracle for me. I got a job where there was no vacancy because I met the person who believed in me because I believed in a poem written on a wall.

A. Shruti
Blogger, https://soansrezones.home.blog/


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