The Power of Smiles

The road of life gets so rocky sometimes we forget our greatest strength. The power of smiles is that they heal depression and free life from melancholy.

However, the power of smiles does not end at joy conveyance. Studies show just putting on a smile helps you feel better. Though, all smiles are not equal.

French anatomist Guillaume Duchenne split smiles into two groups based on the muscles we use. Duchenne smiles use more muscles than the forced Pan Am smiles.

The power of smiles depends almost entirely on belief. A smile says everything will be okay, and it eventually turns out so.

The Power of Duchenne Smiles

Let me ask you something: have you smiled today? Why, of course, we tend to answer positively. As said before, the Duchenne smile uses more muscles than the fake smile. It also comes out of pure joy and for no less than that.

Therefore, here is a better question: have you felt joy today? I hope you have. If not, just go around picking up vibes and find what makes the muscles in your face raise up!

Make sure you experience plenty of smiles that make the corners of your mouth rise and the small muscles around your eyes contract. That is a Duchenne smile!

The Power of Smiles in Fortune Telling!

The Grant Study, which ran for over 70 years and George Vaillant ran for more than 30, says happiness is love. The literal conclusion of this study is, “The short answer is L-O-V-E.”

The Halo Effect is the phenomenon that we think intelligent people look better than they do, and vice versa. However, pop culture shows the rich as careless, dull, and even psychopathic.

The Grant Study shows exactly the opposite is true: people with warm relationships do better financially. Thus, if you see yourself in your dream job, smile now and work hard to keep it going.

How The Best Leaders Use the Power of Smiles

One of the secrets to good leadership is the skill of bringing a wide range of emotions to life. You never see Jacinda Ardern or Kim Jong-un sitting there with a blank look. They always feel the crowd and show it on their face.

A warm smile is comforting since it brings to mind safety and friendliness. A leader knows this, so he or she does their best to feel the crowd to bring the energy of the crowd. Most of the times, this is a smile, and in the cases of good leaders, it is a Duchenne smile.

Never Not Smile

There is no time not to smile. Whether it is your anniversary, a funeral, or detention at school, a smile never makes things worse. Just let it come to you; do not force it.

Sometimes, we get too lost in the formalities. As a result, yearbook photos capture little of the bonds and mischiefs that it should. Similarly, most driver’s licences look unnaturally robotic.

No matter what you are doing, a smile is always a safe option, but not if it is fake. Those that find joy in everything are truly blessed, and others must cultivate this sight.

How to Use the Power of Smiles

You have heard the saying, “Just smile, and it will be better.” Though this is not always true, it is a good starting point. The problem here is we may end up ignoring the problem.

A Duchenne smile is spontaneous, but hidden is the labour that one puts into it. Easy as may be, to get those muscles to form a smile, one must toil relentlessly. This moulds the perfect smile. Flow is the key to success in the workplace and a happy life full of smiles.

Why the Power of Smiles Works

There is nothing within a smile as it brings nothing into the world. Though everything is as it was, if you consider the paths of our lives, smiles impact them. A smile can make your day and six other passers’-by. They, in turn, can make someone else’s day.

The power of smiles works because we are social animals. We can cue feelings in others. Smiling starts a chain reaction of happiness outwards and inwards.


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