Recently a student of mine requested me to give my inputs on ‘strength’. He felt that people conveniently juxtaposed the inability to take an action or see it through to results with their being weak. They simply hide behind the excuse that they are not strong enough.

Incidentally, I had started writing this post a little before this conversation with him but had left it in between. Guess it is time to complete and share.

It is a given that people usually don’t want to take charge of their situation and avoid being responsible. It is easier to blame luck, circumstances and other people for one’s misery and wallow in it. To get up and going takes effort and hard work and people shun that.

Strength is an inherent quality, those who have it cannot just sit quietly and let life go by and those who don’t simply drown themselves in self-pity proclaiming themselves to be the victims of their misfortune and being weak enough to not be able to make a change in their lives. They stop chasing their dreams, start taking comfort in what could have been and make peace with their situation, calling it their destiny. I know a few people who just don’t believe in giving up no matter how tough it is to keep going. They keep fighting for what is right in spite of the setbacks they face. Their passion for their personal battles is exemplary and they are the warriors in true sense, never giving up in their pursuit to achieve what they have set out to attain.

Can strength be claimed? Yes, surely if one has the will to turn the tide. I’ve known people, who are not aware of this quality within them and live very quiet and contented lives. They consider themselves meek and weak but rise to the occasion when a crisis comes their way. I call them the reluctant warriors, the fighters who had no inclination to fight but give their best when forced to be in the battlefield called life. They are the warriors who had no belief or ideology to begin with but the circumstances forced them to stand up for themselves, take a stand and fight a battle. They are like the civilians caught in a crossfire who just wish to run to the other end to reach safety but end up fighting for the safety of everyone around. They do not take a decision to fight till one is thrust upon them. Then also they have their moments of self-doubt, weaknesses and very much want someone else to come and fight their battles for them. But finally end up giving their best and try to do what is right when faced with adversity.

Warriors or the reluctant warriors, it is these unknown and unsung crusaders who make a difference in their lives and also of those around them. It is because of these common people like you and me that others get courage to go on with their personal battles and succeed in life. Their success stories are what people talk of with pride, having seen them struggle, and give examples of. They are the knights without armour who are the saviours of the society and make the world a place worth living, much strength to all those who do not believe in giving up.

A. Shruti
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