There are a lot of reasons that someone might fail at what they’re trying to achieve. Behind every success hides a pile of failures, discarded like garbage thrown off to the side, in a corner not to be seen by any human ever. Then why is it important for you to fail.? What constitutes the right kind of failure, is there even a right way to fail.?

All failures are different, their manner of occurrence might be different, each failure might bring you a different kind of emotion. Failure opens your eyes to things you couldn’t see before.

In a famous speech the great American actor Denzel Washington, spoke to a crowd of high school students, during which he said; “If you think you want to do, what you think I’ve done, then do what I’ve done. Fail. and Fail big.”

And don’t be afraid to fail. One single failure can teach you what ten consecutive successes can’t. What needs to be taught is not how to succeed, what needs to be taught is how to learn from failure to move forward. How to psychologically accept defeats, how to deal with a failed opportunity, how to create opportunities out of failure. How to learn from failure.

See, here is the good thing about Failure you sit and you think about it, and then you realize, where you could’ve done things better, where you could’ve done things differently. It’s human nature to constantly belittle ourselves over our mistakes. And only through a conscious effort will it be changed, changing perspective is vitally important and we need to teach ourselves and those around us that Failing isn’t the end, it is the beginning of the learning process.

Criticism isn’t easy to deal with, but it is what you need to grow.

The most disheartening words you hear come from those closest to you, and it makes it that much worse to progress to find the will to try again.

It comes down to us to change that pattern, break stereotypes that the world has laid out, to have our own definition perfect. Constructive criticism is the best way to approach any problem, to outline what is wrong in one single step and to try to improve it in the next. Focus on the solution, not the problem, it will help you find a direct route to where you want to be, and restrain you from overthinking.

There is the right way to fail and it involves not driving your confidence through the mud. It involves analyzing, planning, solving, & constructing different approaches to help you cross that finish line. It involves being honest with yourself, with people who are looking for feedback, with people looking to grow and improve. It is keeping an open mind to the possibility that something might take more than a few attempts to complete. It is about being stubborn, so stubborn in fact that you make the problem lose confidence in its ability to challenge you; to stop you.

We need to abolish the Ideology that just because someone hasn’t done a certain thing that is fairly common is considered a failure. A person can never be a failure, failure is a verb, & a verb cannot define a person. A person can fail indefinitely at an activity, but never as a person.

It’s time for us to take the noun out of the word failure, it’s a verb and that’s how it should be defined.


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