People travel for different purposes. Some travel for education and some travel for leisure. Travelling is relaxing as well as useful. Travelling to different and new places, we learn about new things. Wherever we travel, we get to know about their culture, festivals, food habits and many more things. Everything seems beautiful and sterling in a new place.

Who would like to be static? I hope nobody. His/her life would be so monotonous. Every day would be more or less the same. That would be so boring. Hence, travelling helps us to be away from those monotonous days.

This article is about a 38 year old woman who loves to travel. She had to face a lot of hardships while she was planning to be a full time traveller.

Tejaswini was from a very conservative family. She was from Chennai. She was good at studies and music, but she had a soft corner for traveling about which she never told her parents. She used to travel with her family through which she gained interest in travelling. At that time her parents were very adamant about her pursuing medicine as her career. She took science in class 11th but was never whole heartedly studying for it. Though she was a brilliant student. As her parents told her, she did all of it. When she started her internship at the age of 25, she finally decided to give up her medicine career and take up travelling. In those years women were mostly discouraged when they wanted to do what they love and not what the other people would love.

She completed her internship and took a break from her medicine career. She went to Banaras for peace and to clear her mind. She went there to be sure about what she wants to do for her living. She went there so that she could gain courage to confront her parents about her love for travel. She spent a week there. She cleared her mind and made a decision to give up her medicine career and pursue travelling.

After she returned to her parents house she was really nervous to talk about it, but she had to talk it out. She knew her parents would not be very happy to know that, but she was acting selfish as it was her life and it should be her choice. She told about travelling to her parents. Her parents were not happy at first. She fought for it and started her travelling career.

Initially, she was travelling around India. She learnt to drive a bullet so that she could be on her own while travelling. Her first solo travel on bullet was to Ladakh. That was her most memorable experience of her life. From then she continued to travel the whole country with a bullet. After 3 years, she got recognised and she became a full time traveller. She started to make videos and clicked photographs for her page. She gained a lot of followers. After a few years, she made a troupe of lady bullet drivers who loved to travel. They started to travel together and they all became like a family. After Tejaswini got all the fame and continued travelling, her parents were finally proud of her. They were happy that she followed her heart and didn’t continue her medicine career. Her parents completely support her now. Tejaswini is now a full time traveller with a huge group of more than 100 ladies.

Fight for your own life. It’s your life, your rules. Nobody has the right to stop you from being you. Always follow your heart and prove the world wrong. Own your talent.


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