Unsmelt Daisies

Daisies smell far from rosy. Still, they make up for it with their calm, peaceful, and friendly looks. Yet, the stench puts off approaching strangers.

In our life, we find daisy-like naïve people, who need exploring and encouragement. Unfortunately, these virtual lives cut them off, so they never get this.

I speak for the unloved children, underappreciated workers, and wallflowers. Inside each, little flowers of goodwill await the nutrients to bloom. We can give those.

Despite past betrayals, daisies are versatile, helpful, and accountable to strangers. God bless them, whom work to bring others joy, sacrificing their own.

Is Parenthood Losing That Human Touch?

Nowadays, most families are nuclear, i.e. split from their roots. Moreover, most nuclear family members hold jobs. Thus, they leave children to their own devices.

Besides, scared parents barricade the young’s exploration. Yet, movies, music, and smartphones expose them to grave realities. Therefore, children mature the fastest, but should they?

Smartphones, spared of their known effects, are still cells in the prison of modern life. In the third world, especially, parents are exploring hostile areas.

Thus, for the first time in history, young minds are perhaps wiser. In other words, to save their future, the old and young must cooperate.

Exemplary teaching is fading. Hence, we must reestablish it as a part of our culture–the world culture. In addition, awkward dinner-table conversations must rekindle.

Above all, both parents and teachers must be brave, since the coming challenges are unprecedented: addiction, anxiety, terrorism, etc. Who will spread reproductive health awareness?

In short, parents must give their children time. We must realize that time is the most valuable gift. Therefore, expectations of more weaken parent-child relationships. We should heed the warning signs before the lack of childhood care limits the young, passing on permanent scars.

Underappreciated Workers and Day Labourers

Some Asian literature sees the worker as the foundation of civilization. However, we only use those words in books. Do we not underappreciate them and labourers?

Worker Dashrath Manjhi did what few Kings and Queens have the guts to do: lift the drapes society uses. We fail at replicating their love.

I cannot say the same for you, but I enjoy seeing smiling faces around me. A smile’s origin does not matter, yet it brings peace.

Workers, they love to smile. Sometimes, I see a working person, bearing a scythe or behind the cash counter, and compare their expressions to officers’.

I find little discrepancy in the purity of the flow in the two scenarios. Their expressions match as they earn by either pen or sickle.

The spotlight should find those that live with enough, yet too little. For example, fast food workers must hate serving customers sacrificing all their dignity.

Again, I say, smiles are the heart’s currency. Whenever I see smiles and a carefree attitude, especially without strings attached, I feel indebted and welcome.

Why do we still practise “tradition” involving the house cleaner sitting lower than everyone else? Hence, things need fixing.

Social Media Addiction and Escaping Reality

Social media have become a place to be douchebags together: here, we all compete for likes and shares. Sadly, social media are all some know!

The word “toxic” has caught on. “Toxic people”­ deceive, intrude, manipulate, meddle, prey, and stalk, etc. to put down spirits. Still, one issue outranks them.

The real toxins are social media themselves. We do three things on them that fuel many primitive drives: validate strangers, validate friends, and validate ourselves.

It seems that social media act as a time machine, fast-forwarding us to our predestined doom. The issue that troubles us most is minimal interaction.

We walk with our eyes down not to look at the road ahead but indulge in fresh lust. Besides, many teens suffer from personality disorder.

Many seem springy and daisy-fine on the outside but seldom let others interact with the real them. Ghosting the entire world is an easy option.

In sum, the lack of physical restrictions can make social media a deadly tool for the evil or careless. Those also turn down true interaction.

As a result, blessings in the modern world come as a real person who anchors us to real life.


Why do we think of smelling roses? Daisies should come first, so interact with them, touch them, and enlighten them!

We cannot progress unless we adjust ourselves to the stinking daisy. Only when we have “uplifted a fallen soul from darkness to light,” we may take a whiff of success.


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